Lala's Children Support Organisation

We Provide that helping hand for those children at Day care and Inclusion

Background of the Institution

Lala’s Children Support Organization was founded in 2018 by a one Ms. Murungi Christine, who chanced on a child with cerebral palsy that had been rejected by his father, abandoned by his mother and left in the care of his aged grandmother that lived in Kawotto then.

This child was always locked in a dark room whenever the grandmother went out to look for food. Touched by this sad story, and with her passion and experience running her school Lala’s Daycare & Inclusive School, Christine sought the intervention of a Peadiatric neurologist, Dr. Byarugaba, who advised her to find therapists that would intervene with a rehabilitate the child. Even before she could put a team of therapists in place, Christine begun receiving information about other children in the community and as they say, “the rest is history”.



Hours Of Support

Hard Workers



There Different services provided at the organisation that identifies it with such passion for children.

Speech and Language Therapy

Lala's handles different speech disorders like Articulation, Fluency, Resonance and Language disorders like Receptive, Expressive and Cognitive-communication.

Occupational Therapy

This helps children improve their motor activities through different activities hence improving and boosting their self-esteem with different accomplishments


This helps children in maintainance and mobility skills through sessions of joint range movements, motor skills and strengthening of their muscles.

Special Needs Education

Provision of special attention with specific necessities to improve their Education, Life expectancy, resources for their parents and a multitude of activities that improve their life.


We provide counselling for children or teens who have one or more mental illnesses, aid to youth who have experienced trauma, dysfuntional and stressful environments with social and emotional stress, anxiety and depression.

Awarness about Autism

Given the rising numbers of autistic children, its prudent to senstise the public and also neurotypical children about Autism. This makes the public appreciate its importance of this skill to create less fear, confidence among autistic children..

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Testimoies from different persons from parents, friends and wellwishers

Lala's special Needs Centre is a home away from home for our little Angels. For the short time i Have been there, my son's life has changed for better; he has learnt a great deal of life skills. Thumbs up for the God fearing, coordinated, cimmitted and loving staff at Lala's. May the Almighty God give the therapists more wisdom and knowledge to innovate more for our special children.Mummy Harold!

Atuhaire Conie

Parent & Friend

A mother of three including a set of twins who are both autistic. Known by their names Jessi and Jesmiel are lovely boys and we thank God for them despite their behavioural, communication and cognitive disorders which have now been worked on and still positive improvements are ongoing since the intervention at Lala's organisation.

Kebirungi Carol Nalongo

Mother of three

When my husband and i first visited Lala's in 2018, there was a community outreach, which included mass awareness and assessment for children with special needs, sickle cell screening, nutrition and general healthcare. Despite the days activities, the Lala's team of therapists spent over an hour talking to us about our children's condition and by the time we left, we felt very convinced that there is hope for our children hence enrolling them.

One of the greatest achievements which Lala's has given us is Jessi's ability to wean from milk (at 5 years) and start taking porridge. Previously anything solid or purrie wouldnt go through his mouth. We believe if it wasn't for the lockdown break, he would be eating hard foodstuffs. They are currently able to dress themselves, toileting and participation in different house activities.

Jovan Walukagga


Call To Action

Let us seize and start the journey as well as continue supporting inclusion by supporting the cause knowing that these are the children of the world. It all starts with us as we encourage others to follow suit, We do appreciate every body who has supported us in what ever way.



These are the lead individuals that started the organisation and have seen it grow through their leadership skills.

Christine Murungi

Chief Executive Officer

Christine is the founder of Lala's Children Support Organisation, she has had the passion for children especially in the area of inclusion.

Emmanuel Turwomwe

Director Legal

Emmanuel is the Legal architecture of the organisation who ensures that the law is always followed.

Mutyaba James Claude

Programs Manager

Organizes and develops institutional programs to support the strategic direction of the organisation in accordance with the mission and goals of the project.



Our location provides a quick google location and geographical accessibility.


Entebbe Road. P.o Box 23049 Kampala, Uganda


(+256) 757 232729,752 428669,776 428669

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